NODA review of The King & I

The King and I remains the ever popular spectacular musical, starring the delightful Siamese children who help to draw an audience. An interesting and thought provoking production, based on the real life experience of an exceptional woman.

This was an immaculate production from Director Derek Williams, Musical Director Geraint Bessant, the production team and was technically brilliant, sound perfectly balanced every word of diction and lyrics could be heard, with creative choreography from Bethan John. The King of Siam, an excellent performance by Stephen Clark and Anna Leonowens, Ann Collins, had the essential magnetic chemistry, both gave totally believable and moving performances. The King of Siam, Stephen Clark a warm and easy presence who portrayed his doubts and responses to Anna with skill while remaining a regal presence. Outstanding Ann Collins made a perfect Anna her beautiful voice and reactions with the Royal children and every cast member assured spontaneity Serene Lady Thiang (Tanya Walters) brought deep emotion to the role, we all wait for her famous solo and it certainly was magnificent.

Scenes with Captain Orton, Daniel James and Louis Leonowens, a confident Rhys Brittain showed great rapport.The Kralahome,Tom Cadwalladder was an imposing presence. Taking the part just two weeks from opening Iwan Davies as Prince Chulalongkom excelled. The ill fated lovers Lun To, Kieran Pryer and Tuptim, Sarah Knight were very well played voices blending effortlessly All other parts were well played and the Chorus gave excellent support. Exceptional Costumes by ACE and a fine set completed a production which fully deserved the accolades.